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October 29th, 2012 by freedomga

Today, the Property Administrator and I were on the way to a property, after inspecting the home, we go to her truck to get back to the office…AND IT WON’T GO INTO GEAR!!!!!??? What in the world?! We tried again….nothing…again and again….stuck like glue. We finally stop and sit staring at the gear shift in disbelief because, at this point, we can’t leave. What to do? Who to call? Why has this happened? “Has this ever happened to you before”, “Never.” At this point we call the broker and agents at the office because now we need a ride. I look online to see what the problem could be or how we could have caused this fluke of a problem to occur. The first thing we see….TRANSMISSION PROBLEM! Oh no…!!!…she looks at me and says “What should I do?” Oddly enough, we share the same mechanic, so I tell her to call him. We call the company and they come out15 minutes later and tell us that because we parked on a steep hill and didn’t set the brake, that it may have locked due to an emergency mechanism. He then told us that he was going to lift it on the tow truck to level it out from being on the hill and……..IT WORKED!!!!!!! Moral of the story….when you park on a steep hill and don’t set the emergency brake….you may have to pay your local mechanic $45 to get it down :/ LOL!!!! Happy Monday!!!

Hello world!

June 28th, 2012 by freedomga

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